Your. Own. Server.

Running a server used to require a higher degree in rocket science. Now any technical user can do it. In less than an hour. And get the immediate benefit of running a River of News and linkblogging tool. All multi-user. Ideal for a news organization, a department in school or business, for pennies a day. Or less. :-)

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It's a multi-user RSS-based feed aggregator that supports all flavors of RSS including Atom, real-time feeds and it's a podcatcher. Your rivers are publications that help you define communities.

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Radio2 is for linkblogging. A simple feed that can be plugged in anywhere you want your flow to go. To River2, of course, or to Twitter or Google Reader, or any other RSS-capable software.

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World Outline

The World Outline is our most powerful tool for authoring web pages and whole sites using the OPML Editor outliner. Narrate your work. Organize, plan, collaborate with workgroup members.

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